Corian Shower Surrounds

Corian Shower Surrounds from APkitchens in Wilmington, North Carolina. These shower and tub surrounds can even be placed over existing tile shower bases. These Corian Shower Surrounds come almost ready to install for your new or recently remolded bathroom. Don’t worry about cleaning grout anymore, as purchasing this product from Corian does not require that. These go great with an existing Corian Vanity top or simply by itself.

Also each Corian Shower Surrounds comes with an exceptional warranty.

Please take a look at the page below, you will find the Surrounds comes in different sizes and shapes to fir your bathroom needs. These bath and shower enclosures are great against bacteria and mold, as they have no room tto grow because of the non-porous material Corian is made of.

Corian Shower Surrounds

  Available Colors

Bisque Corian Color

Bone Corian Color

Cameo White Corian Color

Glacier White Corian Color

Linen Corian Color

Sahara Corian Color

 Bisque  Bone Cameo White Glacier White Linen Sahara
Sheet sizes
Two or Three Wall Shower Surround or Tub Kits
Panels 30″ high x 144″ wide x 1/2″ thick
Larger seamed panels available
1 1/2″  Corner piece Includes 2 soap  corner shelfves
Optional Wall 2 shelf nitch
  Panels $36.00 sq. ft.
Seam add $62.00 each
Wall Nitch add $250.00
Wall Nitch comes with 2 shelves for shampoo and bottom for the soap,inbeded beteen the wall studs and is seamed to the front panel for a one piece look, maximum size 24″ x 36″, Standard size 14″ x 30″. Freight or Installation not included.