Corian Sinks

Corian Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks
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Corian Sink 890

Corian Sink 802

Corian Sink 805

Corian Sink 805

Corian Sink 809

Corian Sink 859

Corian Sink 850

Corian Sink 871

Corian Sink 872

Corian Sink 874

Corian Sink 873

Corian Sink 881

Corian Sink 901

Corian Vaso Sink 966

Corian 965 Vaso Sink “The Metro”

Corian 5216 Sink

Corian Sink 5218

Corian Sink 5414

Corian Sink 820

Corian Sink 831

Corian Sink 830

Corian Sink 7412

Corian Sink 7722

Corian Sink 7418

Corian Sink 8254

Corian Sink 8252

Corian 5610 Sink


Corian Kitchen and bathroom sinks from APkitchens in Wilmington, NC. We also have Corian’s Vaso sink collection. This page contains all the sinks Corian carries, please click on a sink to view more details,sizes, and  colors. Remember these sinks can be inserted seamlessly into your top unlike granite.

Large, small, single, double, urban: Corian® sinks and vanity bowls offer a range of design options to help the most demanding designers realise their creative visions. Durable, non-porous Corian® sinks and vanity bowls are as easy to maintain as they are pleasing to the eye.

The Corian countertop and sink merge seamlessly. You often find them in hotels and restaurant bathrooms because they make clean-up so much easier. The Corian sink and counter are fused together in the factory.

So if you have any questions about Corian Sinks, feel free to contact us.